What Is The Formula For The Curvature Of The Earth When Science Kills Hope

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When Science Kills Hope

I never dreamed of flying in space. I never dreamed of traveling faster than the speed of light. The prospect of seeing UFOs or meeting extraterrestrials did not excite me. I have no interest in altering the genome of any of my offspring. I’m not interested in getting old or refusing to die. I’m writing this on a fine computer, but I’m not sure I enjoy my computer any more than I enjoy the effect of a new sharp pencil on crisp white paper, or making my way through it. it’s fun to flick through the slick pages of a mammoth encyclopedia, or record your favorite songs from the radio onto a stammered cassette, or watch a classic movie on a flickering, flipping VHS bought at a car boot sale. The truth is that progress is two-way, it is not always 100% good, and it destroys the old as it creates the new. One day we may enjoy the thrill of a shiny self-driving car, but we’ll no doubt look back on the thrill of driving ourselves. Even as we get excited about technological change, we miss the many things that technological change destroys.

Progress is a two-way street. What science promises with one hand, it takes away with the other. Treating one thing can cause the condition of something else. All drugs have side effects. As the current pandemic has made clear, all medical treatment is a balancing act between evils. It is good if the patient’s interests remain the priority. When medical treatment is based on money, it creates ethical dilemmas. Since science and personal money always seem to go hand in hand, it’s a good time to ask: Do patient interests take second place to corporate priorities? The recent boom in new technology wealth is not a good thing for the masses. When Bezos says that his customers always come first, it is only until he wins them and loses the competition that he returns to the profit pole position. Income and growing GDP are modern fundamentals hope: hope for wealth, hope for new wealth, hope that one day science will save us.

There is some evidence that technological change is being used for the common good, but rather it is being used as a springboard. very rich. With free cell phones and free internet access at our fingertips, self-styled billionaires have stepped in and turned these things into models for extortionate profits. When an epidemic begins, it may be the first thing we ask “Who can we save?” but follows it up quickly “How much money can we make??” The year of Covid proved that we are less interested in saving lives than in saving big business. Entrepreneurs will hear the cash registers ringing as we unlock the secrets of the known universe. It would be great if it was used to reduce profits. .For public debt, to improve public services or to save endangered species, but there is no evidence of this.

How does it affect our spirit, our human essence, our overall experience of life? I believe the effect is clearly negative. We are back to that point in civilization when people built towers high above the clouds and thought they could see the sky. The Tower of Babel was the result of vain ambition rather than a desire to accommodate the masses, and its ultimate failure stymied science for centuries. This increases the perception of an inverse relationship between money and morality.

Our modern-day Babylon is a space rocket for billionaires looking for new thrills, and don’t get me wrong, pushing new frontiers is a laudable goal. We’re all curious about weightlessness and the curvature of the earth, and Branson is ready to satisfy that curiosity, at least for some. While some of us are scrambling for £175,000 behind the sofa to pay for a ticket, millions more are not concerned about weightlessness and the curvature of the earth, but about feeding themselves, clothing themselves and giving their children a good education. Even the most skilled politicians cannot deliver this. As climate change disrupts urbanization on Earth, Musk’s plans to build settlements on Mars have been met with excitement; what good is a mansion on mars if there is still a shortage of affordable housing on earth? Is science becoming an elitist pursuit, producing a product for the few, depriving the many of hope? To take it to the extreme, consider a group of billionaire-funded scientists discovering the formula for eternal life: who benefits? Is the formula distributed worldwide? Or a bit more, how many of us might be on board if one day we rely on space rockets to escape our poisoned planet (poisoned by bad business choices)? There are thousands of other scenarios – self-driving cars, indigenous robots, genetic modification – who can afford these technologies?

A true heaven does not include everyone or no one at all, otherwise it is a solitary paradise. Only God’s salvation is for everyone. The only escape rocket we need is piloted by Jesus. The Bible tells us this “We hope in the Lord that He will renew our strength” (Isaiah 4:31) and “The God of hope fills us with joy and peace” (Romans 15:13). There’s nothing to say that we can’t use science and money to help us along the way, because knowledge comes from God (Psalm 111:2), just like wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18), but knowledge comes from God. is taken from ‘li. and hijacked by selfish financial interests is not only wrong but dangerous.

The problem is existentially brief: as far as science is concerned everything matters, but nothing makes sense.

Everything is important to science because everything that can be observed is important to science, but nothing has meaning because there is nothing outside of matter. Matter and money are so closely related that they have created a new article of faith between them: nothing matters except money. Thus, our hopes for peace and joy rest on the possession of short-term gratification, while the real question of our species’ overall happiness (and its ultimate salvation in eternity) is an unrealistic, unattainable one. not available, even legendary.

In divine faith, the opposite is true. Nothing matters, yet everything is meaningful.

Nothing solid matters to the religious mind, be it the curvature of the earth or the arrival of ETs, because matter is nothing to the religious mind; it’s dust. But to the religious mind, everything makes sense, because we know that apart from our mortal life, there is eternal peace in the presence of the Divine, who gives hope to all. Therefore faith in God restores hope and is in fact the only true basis for hope. Only those who believe otherwise will end up disappointed.

So how does faith in God lead to hope? If I’m a parent who can’t afford shoes for my kids, but I know God is with me, it doesn’t matter if I don’t have shoes anymore. I explain to my children that running barefoot on the street can make them more connected to the world, enjoy creativity more fully, and find more meaning in their lives. The sun, the stars, the moon remain unattainable, but that’s okay, because the unattainable flourishes in art, romance, and dreams, all of which make life wonderful. At the same time, the combination of science and money fuels an insatiable desire to generate capital and create luxury products for endlessly growing bank balances. But the empty dreams of owning a superyacht, a racing car, or even a space rocket only satisfy the bodily sensations for a short time before they are discarded along with all the spent toys of the past. Meanwhile, kids running barefoot feel cheated if their trainers aren’t designer brands.

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