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How to Write Your Articles to Attract Prospects and Customers

Many of us are involved in marketing our products and services on the Internet. There are a few key principles that if subscribed to can lead to great success in this endeavour. I’d like to share with you what I’ve learned from these principles in my own training and experience as a writer and Internet marketer over the past ten years. These principles are very practical and easy to follow. If you want to know about them, please read on.

To be successful in business we must offer value to the market. This is the first cardinal rule. Look at any successful product or service and you will recognize that producers have gone to great lengths and expense to explain the value of their offerings to consumers. These efforts are in the form of communication through marketing and advertising aimed at successfully providing consumers with an intrinsic value when they acquire such products or services. If we can’t convey that value in our copywriting, no one will see it and no one will be disposed to acquire our products or services.

If you can communicate this value in your offer, a greater number of prospects and customers will come. Effective communication skills are important not only in business but in every aspect of life (be it with your spouse, children, friends, business associates or any other interactions you have throughout the day). If we neglect to learn what effective communication is, we will inevitably struggle in some important areas of our lives. If one’s life is to be more rewarding and successful one must become a student of effective communication.

Communication is a key skill in business. It’s at the heart of the confidence and leadership issues that confront anyone running a business. We cannot cover everything you need to know about effective communication in this article as it is a lifelong endeavor. However we are going to focus on what you need to effectively communicate the value you offer through your writing or other content you create and make available on the world wide web.

It is hoped that from this you will know what to write, for whom to write and how to write. A simple formula will be provided in this regard. You will be able to help others by what you see, not by manipulation or coercion but by a sincere desire to help them. This is the key to delivering value – support. The format of this article will be structured as follows:-

a) Knowing what to write means knowing who you are writing for,

b) Making a list of attractive topics,

c) How to write your topics to attract a large audience and capture their attention,

d) A simple strategy for starting and creating a framework that is not overwhelming,

e) How to use templates to create original, clear, concise and powerful content.

Other requirements that an internet writer and marketer need to have are:-

1) You need to know or have a basic understanding of attraction marketing (see the link at the end of this article regarding this),

2) You need to know how and where to put content on the Internet (like this),

3) You need to know how to optimize this content to be found online (via search engine optimization) (like this),

4) You need to know how to capture sales or leads using lead capture pages or sales pages (like this one).

5) You need to know how to develop a follow-up email campaign to provide ongoing value and attract relationships (ditto),

6) You need to know the difference between attractive content vs spam on the internet (like this),

7) You need to understand how to write basic complete sentences and basic writing structure.

You don’t need to have the following:-

I) To have a good vocabulary – 8th grade level of English is sufficient,

2) To be able to write eloquently,

Overall you need to be patient as writing skills only come with practice and the right approach (as outlined here) and consistent effort over time.

Knowing what to write starts with who you’re writing for. Who is your target market? What kinds of things are they looking for, thinking about, talking about? What are some of their problems that you can help solve? Choose a target market that is related to your business, that you have interests or experience. Ideally it should be related to something you plan to do long term. You want to make it a topic you enjoy, you’re a keen learner and you’ll be close to similar topics that interest your target market. If you have these interests or experiences, you will be the best fit. Understand the needs, concerns and problems of your target market, and you will be able to genuinely connect with them and offer valuable content and solutions.

Examples of what your target market could be are as follows:-

Opportunity Leads – These can be people who have recently retired and now need additional income opportunities or people who are looking for help with their network marketing businesses, or people who have heard about making money online and are looking for a way to do it. Or in the current case, people looking for an attractive way out of the current job market limitations.

People who want to lose weight – This is another big market with people who are overweight and want to achieve a new image with more self-esteem, confidence and energy.

Individuals interested in wellness – This is a growing industry for individuals looking for natural or man-made products that can enhance wellness.

People who want to travel – People are always looking for travel destinations and deals that will provide them with their dream vacation.

These are just some of the infinite possibilities available. You will need to consider and write down your potential target markets. Your mindfulness practice should include:-

1) Who is your target market? (details and demographics you should list),

2) List their concerns, fears, problems and challenges,

3) Write down the reasons why they are worried or have these particular problems,

4) Write down what you believe to be their dreams, aspirations, goals, likes, dislikes and needs,

5) Write down what you think are the problems that are holding them back or holding them back from what they want,

6) Finally list topics, controversies, books, people, authors, or any other topics of interest they may have.

Making a list of your attractive topics. After you’ve brainstormed and made a list of compelling topics, there should now be three basic categories that your topics will fit under. These are:-

a) Matters calling for straight forward review,

b) Issues that solve problems or address needs,

c) Subjects that are a combination of the above two.

Straight forward review

This is when you already know something about your target market and can give your opinion or insight on a topic that they might be interested in (books, current controversies, people, authors, current news or events or others etc.). Examples of this type of review a) Hot and Cold Marketing vs Attraction Marketing – What’s the Difference? b) These are the top vacation destinations, c) Is the best way to diet to reduce carb calories?

Solving a problem or addressing a need

This is when you can identify with their problems, fears, concerns or needs and offer a solution of value. This is done first by giving tips, advice, suggestions, new perspectives and only then to promote your product or service when trust is established. Examples of this type of writing can be summarized in the following topics:-

a) How to pack light for vacation without forgetting anything, b) Cheap and hassle-free vacation of your dreams, c) How to lose weight without starving or dieting.

A combination of the above two.

This is when you can combine the two by using a review style with a problem-solving style. Examples of this include:- a) Internet business – the solution to your travel and job market problems, b) Home based business – your way to effectively deal with rising gas prices, c) No matter what others say, Robert Kiyosaki says yes to network marketing, d) Attraction Marketing – Much better than cold calling to generate leads for your business.

Using the keyword tool Another key step in writing your articles to attract and hold readers’ attention is using keyword tools to find keywords to insert into your articles. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical when marketing on the Internet. You need to find the keywords that readers are using to search for information. and are two of the best free keyword tools available. In your topic description, there are many words or phrases that are related and these keyword tools can give you the popularity of searches for these words and other related words that you can insert into your articles. The use of these keywords should not take away from ensuring that your article flows smoothly and should not be overused. A keyword density between 2 and 5 percent is acceptable.

Structure your article

Your article structure should now include the following:-

1) Decide whether you are using a straight forward review approach, a problem solving or needs addressing approach, or a combination of the two,

2) List the topics for the approach you have selected,

3) Choose a topic and decide on the topic description. Note that the subject description will be your subject line (with possible variations),

4) Make a one paragraph statement about who your target market is and what case you are making to them. This paragraph will form the basis of the first paragraph of your article,

5) Select the three most competitive keywords from this statement (using your keyword tool) to use in your article. The keyword tool will also give you better variations on selected words that you can use,

6) Break your target market statement into seven sub-statements or sentences. These will form the basis of your article paragraphs. Whenever possible, use personal experiences to make your points. Use your adopted keywords in these paragraphs,

7) Your concluding paragraph will be your first paragraph that should be re-engineered to reinforce the points made throughout the article.

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