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Family Reunion Planning Step By Step

A wise proverb says “There is a time for everything under the sun. A time to run, a time to laugh, a time to quit.” With that spirit it is time to strengthen the bonds of family union. And what better way to start planning for your next family reunion. Family reunion events these days have evolved into big-time annual family shindigs. From gatherings at the ol’ homestead to luxury cruise ship gala events. But when is a good time to start planning your family reunion? The fact is, anytime is a good time to start planning a meaningful memorable family gathering.

Keeping time on your side

They key to successfully planning a modest to large family event is to give yourself and the rest of the family plenty of time to put it all together. This will allow family reunification planners to assist when and where needed. This calls for better communication and organization on the part of reunion planners.

Choosing the right family reunification software

Your best approach to organizing a family reunion event is to use the Family Reunion Planner Organizer * Attendee Registration Spreadsheet features. Planner organizers now come in many software formats. A stand-alone event requires manual input of information such as reunion date, time, number of attendees, guest list contact information and so on. It is beneficial to choose reunion planning software platforms that allow users to export and import to formats most users are familiar with such as MS Word and Excel spreadsheets.

Committee meeting presentation features

Users should be able to take advantage of presentation features such as bar and pie charts, accounts payable and similar for spreadsheet data reports and surveys. Your family reunion planner organizer should allow you to easily enter survey data and tally. For example, the Reunification Committee narrows down three potential locations for a family reunification program. Perhaps you want to find out how far these locations are from each participant’s home address. Features that allow you to enter travel distance per family reunion event location and run a comparison report can help you narrow down the most convenient locations.

Checklist accounts and balances

Your software should include features that allow you to add t-shirt orders and payment balances. Keep track of desired reunion activities and menu surveys. Keep track of delegated tasks. Make sure your planner also comes with a family reunion planning primer. It should include an editable pre-written timeline planner with a built-in checklist. Reunion supplies and materials lists are extremely helpful. Many reunion planners come with many templates such as flyers, labels, nametags, official reunion correspondence stationery, welcome letter templates to name a few.

Useful search engine features

Now the major search engines offer features that allow users to share their resumes in MS Word and Excel spreadsheet format with other online users making the reunion communication process completely easy.

A step-by-step reunion plan

Step 1. Your first task is to gather information from family members about the family reunification program they want. To do this you should first start by announcing that plans are underway for the next family reunion and need to brainstorm ideas and select committee member volunteers.

Step 2. Compile a list of family members and their addresses and send your announcements in flyer or newsletter format. Your announcement should include a short survey asking for their opinions and suggestions for food, entertainment, themes, events and venues. Those who respond quickly and give practical suggestions should be asked to form a reunion committee.

Step 3. Establish an initial committee meeting time and place where many can attend.

Step 4. Form your initial committee members, including a chair and treasurer.

Step 5. Start selecting other subcommittees using your “List of Committees”. Your list of committees includes the following duties:

Food Committee

Reception/Greeting Committee

Finance Committee

Communications Committee

Establishment and Sanitation Committee

Fundraising Committee

Family History Committee

Photography Committee

News and Communication Committee

Supply Department

Health and Safety Committee

Security Department

Genealogical Research and Presentation Committee

Step 6. Now review your idea elements and visit potential reunion site locations”, preliminary cost estimates for reunion themes, proposed date, budget. Remember to use the survey you sent with your initial mailing. Many family reunion planners have 30 or so for consideration. More elements.

Step 7. Record the final decisions about who will do what as you discuss the elements to consider. Heads of Representative Committees and Volunteers accordingly. Make sure the representatives are on par with your committee head department. Avoid overlapping assignments.

Step 8. Now go to the details of the program plan. Compare completed surveys to a list of possible locations and activities using the “Possible Locations and Activities” list. Draw a line through the non-recommended locations and narrow down the desired location to about three or four options. Vote now. Follow the same pattern for the activities.

Step 9. After deciding on the location and activities you now have a good idea of ​​the event requirements in terms of materials and services.

Step 10. Using the “List of Requirements” as a starter, begin to list all the requirements for your program with help and feedback from department heads.

Step 11. Create a ballpark “expenditure list” to get an idea of ​​the amount of funds needed for events and activities and add it to your reunion planner budget list and calculation tool.

Step 12. If your reunion event will be held later in the afternoon, complete the “Reunion Luncheon Event Agenda” using your surveys. Otherwise create a “Reunion Dinner Program Agenda”.

Following these basic steps will help you get off to a good start when choosing your family reunification software and organizing your reunification program.

*Family Reunion Planning “Attendee Registration Worksheet” is a spreadsheet that allows the user to record information such as accounts due, tally reunion surveys, create a guest list roster. Enter t-shirt orders and keep track of special needs. .

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