Excel Formulas To Add Every Value With A Certain Value Grow Your Sales Log and You’ll Always Be in Business!

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Grow Your Sales Log and You’ll Always Be in Business!

Preface – Our “Culture and Beliefs” have far-reaching implications/influences

I work as a self-employed professional in a society where many of the common laws in business and the economy do not normally operate. In other parts of the world, people don’t buy because most other consumers usually do. Opinion polls are heavily influenced here by respondents based on what they “should” be told is the popular position or thinking and not what they really “feel” about issues (or the rewards they might receive).

An example. Professor Janice Olawoe of the University of Ibadan once wrote in a paper published back in the 80’s about a famous researcher abroad who expressed his dismay at village respondents providing answers to questions like “how many children have you had”. were not entirely truthful.

The reason was that village women who had lost a child at birth or whose children had died were counted as children who no longer lived. So a woman who had actually given birth to six children, two of whom died of malaria, answered in a questionnaire that she had only ever given birth to four children! A researcher from a developed country couldn’t understand why people thought this way and asked, “How can you conduct an accurate survey when people don’t answer the questions truthfully?” I still feel his pain.

Business has the same problem

The situation is the same when doing business here. You often find that having a well-crafted business plan, having an MBA, and high technical proficiency in your chosen profession may not be enough to earn the patronage you need from your target audience. Many others, little of it with the ability to deliver the required product, service or solution efficiently, are used to decide who wins the “deal” etc.

If you “know” how to “BEG” or you know someone on the inside, or you know someone who knows someone on the inside, you can even win a project with no proven qualifications or qualifications. That’s when you see people subcontracting large projects to more competent – but less connected – others at pitiful rates, later accepting to do the work for the meekly offered peanuts!

I saw this a lot when I started, and I decided that I would never accept working this way. I made up my mind that I would learn how to bring clients to me. how? By building my competency over time, and showing clients every opportunity I have to serve them – so they can tell others about me, by showing the products I deliver.

The result: increase the flow of new and repeat business.

Why do so many startup – even established – businesses fail the way they do?

Many people who are exceptionally talented in their chosen businesses lack the business marketing skills to ensure their companies survive as profitable enterprises. And so they eventually fail or continue to struggle to stay afloat even though the business turnover volume may increase.

Since starting about 7 years ago – all the clients I have done business with are small and medium enterprises. No big name companies. Yet they pay me to evaluate my services to build and maintain software for them in a market where products from other big name companies are pirated, and sold for as little as N150 (about a dollar)!

I’m the same guy who – a few years ago – would often get laughed out of people’s offices when I went to introduce my Custom Excel-VB Drive software development services. Many times I’ve been ridiculed by prospects who call me on my cell days or weeks after I ask them, “So, how’s business going?” to ask. Even if they laugh out loud.

From those lean early years when I could count the number of decent paying customers I had on just one hand (five fingers), I now serve a growing customer base that requires me to maintain customer support service records to keep track.

My success is not only due to my proven ability to deliver satisfactory spreadsheet based solutions to a wide variety of paying clients, but also due to my emphasis on diligent/intelligent business marketing – among other things. Ensure sustained sales protection over time.

There must be something I knew (and knew when I started) that most people here do (and didn’t)!

So what exactly did/did I do?

The following quotation provides a quick indication, after which three main points are explained:

Because its purpose is to create customers, a business enterprise has two – and only these two – basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation deliver results, all the rest are ‘costs’.– Peter Drucker

1. I use practical marketing strategies that work in my biz environment: In April 2002, I sent out my first service identity cards and flyers to all the big and not-so-big companies I could identify in and out of Lagos. I did this for at least the first three (3) years – in addition to placing newspaper ads.

Over time I learned a hard lesson: finding the right clients for your services may not necessarily be what others are doing. I have not won a single project using those methods. You have to develop what works for you – borrow ideas from others, add some of your own, then TEST, TEST, TEST and TEST.

I have done what I said above. It took me about four (4) years of hard work to get close to what I do today. Finding clients back then was a messy process. You see, here we lack reliable business directories and yellow pages to consult in search of potential clients. The few available lists are often unorganized/unstructured and not comprehensive.

Over time, especially because of my limited resources, this problem eventually necessitated me to adopt what I call 100% door-to-door, foot soldier marketing of my products and services. In the process, I gradually learned what to say and how to say it to get hired or sold. I discovered that many of the things we read in sales and marketing books from abroad, especially developed societies, do not work without intelligent adaptation to accommodate the unique socio-economic realities of our society.

In short, I developed a marketing strategy suitable for the working environment. As a result, today I get calls from potential clients looking for solutions similar to the ones I offer.

In 2008, over 95% of the new or repeat business I received came as a result of my phone ringing, because an existing client needed me again – or calling a potential client based on a referral.

Read my article titled: “To Win Profitable Clients More Frequently, Find and Hit the Felt-Needs Nerve That Reveals Your Potential!”

2. I create new products aimed at addressing the needs of a real identity target audience: My experiences helped me to realize that people here will buy a software solution or service if it does something they want, but which they find they cannot get from off-the-shelf commercial software of which pirated copies are widely available in the market. .

So, I set about offering real-world relevant solutions that address the unique characteristics that businesses out here face, and which foreign software solutions don’t quite meet – if at all.

The result: a dramatic increase in clients’ perception of the relevance of the solutions I offered. The lesson here: Sometimes the market may be rejecting you because you haven’t thought enough about how to communicate the value you offer in a way that benefits them.

You must be willing to “research” as you gather rejection experiences, to identify what they really want. The title of Napoleon Hill’s book was not a mistake: “Think and grow rich!”.

3. I employ an aggressively enforced zero acquisition policy: This is probably the most important thing. Making sure I get all the money from every sale in my hand, pocket or account.

You’ve probably heard that “cash flow is the life blood of a business”.

There is a huge problem out there that people pay for almost everything they buy from you. I believe (as my clients often say), what you allow grows. After some unpleasant experiences in my early years, I started requesting 100% upfront payment for my services. People paid – but I got to a point where I saw that it was stopping me from getting more business.

So I started asking for 70 – 75% upfront, and then offering the client a discount of up to 10% if he chose to pay everything at once. That way, I got my money, and didn’t have to wait long, make endless calls and visits to get my balance.

In some instances when a client tries to delay payment without any reasons, I simply use the strategy of “confronting without being aggressive”, to bear the pressure. If you don’t already use it you might want to try it. Very rarely has it failed to work.

Read my article: “To win more times in life, master the art of non-combative confrontation”

My reputation with my clients in this regard has earned me nicknames like “Ijebu” – because according to them I don’t joke about money. There is mutual respect and consideration.

Others have noted that: For example, I have also asked another service provider with the same customer: “Mr. Solagbade, why do you always pay promptly and my payment is usually late?”, after he saw me collect on three different occasions.


Herman Holtz – the famous (now late) consultant, was right when he claimed that any business that is making sales (and by that I mean making money and not credit sales) you will have to spend more money to pursue collections. Payments) is highly unlikely to fold even if every other department of its operation is mismanaged.

As long as sales continue, there will be CASH to run the business. Lack of cash can bring even the biggest business magnate to its knees.

Here’s a sign that might suggest a company isn’t selling enough, or isn’t bringing in enough money from sales to keep going and holding (perhaps because of undisciplined spending): It gets an overdraft facility from the bank to cover it. Daily operating expenses.

Here’s hoping the above information will help you grow your sales log, and collect money from those sales, so your business can thrive.

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