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Engagement – The Role of the Employee

An organization exists because there are men and women who work for it. Workforce is the driver of growth that propels the company to greater heights. Employees need to be given an active role in mapping the future of the company. To engage is to engage, to engage is to provide an active part, how active is it? Based on what criteria? Does this benefit the company more? How will the employee respond? – These are just a few questions to think about when developing programs for employee engagement.

There are drivers of employee engagement, these include basic needs, social needs and esteem needs. Basic needs arise from what makes a person employed in the first place, that is, to earn money, take care of oneself and one’s family, and make a decent living. It is essential that it is addressed for an employee to feel that he is being given the attention he deserves; It is valuable and justly rewarded. Social needs can be viewed in terms of the value of relationships that employees foster in the work environment, how it ensures harmony, teamwork and productivity through seamless work environments and relationships. The need for Esteem is how the workplace values ​​the employee based on his ability to perform, exceed his potential and in the process build his self-worth. It is necessary to provide timely identification. A company that empowers and addresses employee needs through these three brings a sense of fulfillment to employees. Job satisfaction is addressed even if it is difficult if the employee is well equipped and free to make the right decisions to solve problems even in minute proportions. If someone feels empowered to create positive change, they feel involved in the company’s work and growth.

Four dimensions of employee engagement can be addressed: These are from the employee’s perspective. The first is “What do I get”, the other is “What do I give?” After “Do I belong?” And finally “How can we grow?”. Answering these four questions paves the way for a better understanding of what and how an employee is positioned to be an engaged member of the team. How will it be involved in completing tasks for the company and how will this ultimately translate into better working conditions, job satisfaction and better employee relations. A good example would be a shoe manufacturer that employs about 50 employees. What I get, employees can be given better working conditions, pay raises, flexible time-offs, that “What do I give?” – Employees do their job diligently, minimize errors, minimize costs by making the most of necessary materials, do things right the first time, produce quality products for effective merchandising, another thing “relates to me?” – Here, the employer attributes the success of his shoe business not only to himself as financier, but to the little people, the “elves” who slave to churn out shoes for the company, simply recognized. A pat on the back for a job well done, or recognition as a viable employee of the week/month, enhances one’s authority for the job and how that translates into productivity. In “How Can We Grow?” Participatory management looks for ways to deliver goods and at the same time wishes for the company’s future and growth. The company always strives to improve, innovate and implement change in order to ensure that a new vision is always in the eyes of its employees and the general public.

While we have discussed the four dimensions, it is worth mentioning that employee engagement divides the types of employees into three, which is why an organization promoting this cause can consider the three relatively: engaged, not engaged, and actively engaged. Take the case of a simple web-based start up company – the members can be divided into three. Key members, programmers, web developers and software engineers may be involved but how can we say they are actively involved if they define their role as just doing work. If someone goes the extra mile for the company, it can be said to be actively engaged. The receptionist who makes calls and transfers information can be actively involved in their role by finding ways to make things happen for the company, as a catalyst for inquiries for the company, using the phone system to generate interest among customers and potential investors. Satisfying their requests for information. Not being involved can be about not caring enough about what happens in the company, like the delivery boy who is always late, the parcels are lost and doesn’t fit in with the rest of the workers, he doesn’t care and it’s not commitment. Indicator of full employee engagement.

It is often the case that a strategy to get employees more involved, to become active members and become stakeholders in their own right, is thought of as a key element in the success of this undertaking. To promote results and develop open lines of communication, there are four things to consider: grow, do, know and be.

Let’s examine each one closely.At To Grow, employers are actively engaging their workers by providing the necessary training and development programs. By providing workers with what they need to do their jobs effectively, they are given free reign to learn, adjust their skills, and improve their craft. It is indirect active participation in the form of job training and seminars, employees join these seminars and represent the company, it gives them an active role in charting what the company needs, how they can contribute and what their future role will be. Map out a successful business plan.

At To Do, employers engage members through collaboration and innovation, how is this possible? This time, creativity is explored in terms of out-of-the-box ideas, ways to improve productivity, limit waste and active use of current technology. Ways to do this include proactive meetings and team building seminars outside the office where everyone is relaxed, the best idea is implemented and coming up with ways to improve processes and the proposer earns a prize for coming up with it. Making sure the project goes well and the proponent sees it is a good way to show everyone that yes, management cares about your suggestions and it’s appreciated. Recognition, since it is largely untapped, still offers a lot and costs very little.

In To Know, the role of communication is highlighted as a key element in enabling active participation in an organization. By coming up with monthly updates, weekly meetings and small group discussions, communication is fostered and strengthened. The employee joins his superiors in channeling positive energy through informed decisions based on what is provided, thereby limiting mistrust and promoting openness.

At To Be, employees are recognized for their efforts, they can be in the form of monetary compensation, foreign travel, pay rise. These are simple ways to acknowledge the efforts that employees make for the company, by doing so, bonds and healthy working relationships are established and strengthened, creating and forging an effective method of employee engagement. Feeling valued is a great way to command and develop loyalty.

Different concepts can be born from employee engagement, all of these are relative to the company, one applies to all but not to anyone, in any way, they can be exchanged and seen as a positive driver of growth both interpersonally and internally. Office work relationship.

Motivation is an example, it is an inherent concept that develops when an employee is given the confidence to do enough work with enough results for the company, the fact that a great responsibility is entrusted to someone is enough motivation to do great and great. Things for company. It inspires others to do more and engage in activities that will prove beneficial to all in the long run.

Trust is an important aspect of employee engagement; It is through this belief that the company allows its employees to be active players in its development. How can a company function without the trust of its people and each other? It is imperative that the top management chooses the right people to trust and at the same time the ripple effect goes down to everyone from middle managers to the rank and file. Trust reinforces the value of an employee and motivates him to do more than expected.

Loyalty and commitment are often interchanged but they are relatively a pair that go together in engagement factors. A person’s loyalty is often measured by years of tenure, but the logical question is how committed he was during those years, if both are positive and need to work well, it is brought out in the effective flow of work in the company. . These two simple aspects of employee engagement dispel the notion that tenured employees are often not committed to work. It can be thought of as providing enough challenges to test loyalty and commitment, but the reason for remaining essentially can be attributed to effective management principles in practice, which bring out the best in everyone.

A service-oriented organization often thinks about its customers, their well-being and how they respond to the services they provide, but it should not be overlooked that customer management begins within the organization, the internal customers it serves and how they are motivated to perform well. , are given roles to participate in the direction projected by the company and how they are involved in working for internal and external customers.

Profit and sales growth are emphasized because they are two important factors that allow the company to exist, unless it is for pure social work, every organization tries hard to be profitable to say the least, and this is measured by periodic sales growth, achieving the goal and must be fulfilled. Various strategies are used to achieve this. By involving everyone in achieving the goals, a sales team will look for marketing programs to deliver the merchandise so that it is acceptable to the average consumer to buy it. Taking care of customers, the long term is especially directed towards maintaining a loyal customer that will last through future changes. Public relations should always be enhanced and taken care of, publicity – negative or positive should be used in the interest of the company. It is the spin-doctors who channel these energies that will ultimately benefit the organization it serves. People within the organization must be empowered to determine what they own and how their contributions are shared and enjoyed by many. Many types are integral and do not limit it to a single voice that channels energy. This electricity must be spread to the rest to create vitality and interest to be successful and important.

As a stakeholder, it is essential to have an engagement strategy in place. An engaged workforce is likely to work better as a cohesive unit moving toward a common goal. Ensuring everyone’s commitment to coming up with innovative ideas, efficient handling of problems, ideal transaction processes and seamless business processes across the organization creates efficiencies that benefit both employers and entire organization members in the long run. As the saying goes, it takes a village to complete the task at hand.

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