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CRM – An Integrated Solution to Customers’ Needs

Anyone who works for the call center industry can clearly tell you how important it is to keep customers more than satisfied, from opening to closing spills, to average handle times scheduled by the second – agents must strictly meet every metric, all done. In the name of maintaining customer loyalty in the account, and thus, avoiding the huge losses caused by high attrition rates when these customers simply walk out the door.

In a market moving towards customer-driven consciousness, is it enough to simply put on a happy face while doing customer transactions? Is Molly keeping an angry customer in a state of defenseless bliss enough to have a profitable relationship with them?

Know your customers

Many people have fallen victim to sales tactics that promise the best product in the market, only to be sorely disappointed by the after-sales service, especially regarding insurance policies. What looks like a good buy turns out to be a nightmare ordeal, waiting thirty minutes in a queue for support that can make a run for cover. If waiting on hold on the phone isn’t enough of a nuisance, then the rudest voice anyone has ever heard can be irritating.

This is why these call centers are surveying and analyzing customer satisfaction reports from web-based customer service infrastructure, in order to improve their products and services. Marketing organizations joined forces with these call centers providing them with rich customer information and in turn, qualifying high value customers with high credit ratings. With open access to every customer’s confidential data, they now know who can buy more, who is able to extend the contract period.

    “Customer relationship management (CRM) means exactly what it says,” said Bob Lewis, president of IT Catalyst. CRM is a strategy for treating customers as a business asset, and this investment requires preventative and maintenance measures that can afford it. Customer relationship is more than creating an emotional connection with them, but it is placing great value on this bond so that they don’t take their business anywhere else.

Is real-time CRM a better option?

Although 60 – 80% of CRMs fail due to deadline and budget issues, there are many vendors in the market offering quality CRM software that promises to reduce IT and maintenance costs. There are many reliable firms to choose from that guarantee good service through system automation.

Many asked how much money they had to spend for this system and whether they would get better returns. There are three possible answers to these concerns: the firm can increase its profits, make it to the break-even point, or—in the worst scenarios—lose revenue. It is very comparable to any investment although it is difficult to measure because it depends on customer satisfaction.

From a general ROI perspective, CRM can certainly increase business income through increased sales due to a more efficient strategy, a lower attrition rate and the quality of customer service it implements. This can give you a realistic timeline where you can get a snapshot of your business income, enabling you to create a better forecast of the future.

Better sales force automation

Today’s sellers are under immense challenge with dynamic and multiple transactions, a fierce competition and an ever-increasing number of customers feeding these agents to raw perfection. An agent on the floor can calmly listen to an angry customer like having to wait ten seconds for a minor mistake. Even though the agents are able to handle the call, it is often the case that these disgruntled customers demand to speak to a supervisor.

Strategically planning your company’s CRM is an essential, determining factor in a project’s success or failure rate. According to recent studies by AMR Group, 90% of these companies implement CRM out of faith without any metrics or ROI plan.

This is evident in the way agents are trained, as CRM relies heavily on the way a person handles customer relationships. Millions of pesos were spent to set up an integrated system that could manage a workforce of 1,000 smoothly. Apart from the purchase of hardware and network servers, a lot of money is invested in training agents only, so that they can maximize their customer needs and bring high levels of customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Single-function CRM or multi-function CRM?

If your company is doing customer profiling, you can opt for a single function CRM. But if you want your company to automate a campaign management with multiple functions, it is better to go for a multi-function CRM.

A small company is much easier to handle than a large one. It can use a single-function CRM that will run on a customer-based application. It will be controlled by a handful of businessmen and managers. For large-scale contact centers, it is wise to run multi-functional CRMs that will run across multiple departments. Although the most complex is one that is enterprise-wide, where CRM product suites are processed on different Internet servers and then in different data warehouses, it will still be a smart choice to invest in quality hardware and peripherals that will carry your data. The company’s automated system.

An effective CRM plan

Here are questions you can answer in planning your company’s CRM strategy:

Is your organization ready for the changes that CRM implementation will bring?

If implemented, what impact would it have on your organization?

Will employees be fully committed to ensuring that target outcomes are met?

How do you measure if the system is effective, comprehensive and fully accepted by the organization?

Will this solution restructure the entire company culture? What should be done if this happens?

Is there a way to better evaluate and improve between CRM implementations?

Since CRM is about people and relationships, companies must anticipate and mitigate the risks involved in implementing this program. This is the driving factor behind any client-specific training program, where the trainer always insists on ownership of the client’s call, be it a troubleshooting issue, inquiry, up-sell or cross-sell. It is the responsibility of each agent to take good care of any account they come across throughout their customer-service operations.

In the CRM infrastructure

Most CRM vendors have web-based architectures, middle-wares that pass data from one system to another that are customizable to suit your organization’s needs. A large resource of these vendors can be found on the Internet, where you can read their profiles and product offerings.

A big question would be: How do I start implementing this infrastructure? There are many options to choose from, depending on what exactly is needed. Your company could go in-house, which is the least of all choices, since it’s rare to see something chosen in-house to operate such a complex system. If one wants to go for this, the internal team should be working closely with vendors or consulting with other teams working on similar processes. A better option is to choose an experienced vendor to provide the system you need. It may be more expensive, but it definitely assures you of quality service.

For those scouting for the best value and commitment, it is recommended to find an experienced certified vendor partner who can customize your company’s CRM needs. Just keep in mind that these vendors offer different package options that you can choose from.

The most important thing to consider before buying any package is – if the CRM is capable of gathering inputs and outputs from multiple data storehouses. After all those investments in information technology, it is important to know if your organization’s IT infrastructure allows for the integration of a CRM system.

Maximize it

A team manager at a prominent contact center in the Philippines’ Ortigas business district says customer service is like taking care of grandma, where value and integrity are added to every interaction with every customer. It’s a very good thing to do when they do extraordinary things. Or simply – one and done.

Effective communication is an essential part of great customer service, where one can focus on customers’ objectives, issues and concerns. There are many obstacles in achieving this, which combine the agent’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with deep analysis and logical thinking.

From a service level perspective, it is not how fast a solution is provided but how the customer’s needs are met with the most accurate information available. Due to strict regulations on Average Handle Times (AHT) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), many agents fail to meet the needs of customers as they compete for sales commissions and benefits and rewards provided by high scores on quality assurance assessments.

Customer service is all about CARE – courtesy, accuracy, determination and efficiency in dealing with every account. It is taking initiatives to solve their problems by winning the trust of the customers. So always keep in mind that customers are not obstacles in our work and businesses.

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