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How to Build Wealthy Home Business Secrets Revealed

Even if you are starting from a humble beginning it is still possible to become rich if you are willing to apply the secrets of the rich and wealthy and it can be done almost overnight. While many people are actually included in the millionaires club, a few dozen join the big boys billionaires club each year. Anyone can build a wealthy home business if you have the qualities necessary for success. So whether you want to earn a six-figure income, have multiple streams of income or residual income, the list of attributes needed to build a rich home business can be grouped into five broad areas: desire, choosing the right business for you, attitude, marketing and leadership.


The quality of leadership is not genetic or a special right granted to a privileged few, nor does it depend on the zero number on your paycheck, but only on your commitment to diligently pursue those qualities that will strengthen and develop you as an effective leader. Only the magnitude of your commitment will determine the quality of your leadership. Remember the timeless saying; Leaders are not born they are made, and whether or not you have these natural born leadership qualities is not a barrier to becoming a leader. Leadership and I mean effective leadership is an essential attribute in any business model of your choice and is very important to building a rich home business and residual income for you and your family to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

As a home business leader you must be passionate about your work and have a passion for excellence. Good leadership means being a source of inspiration for your team and a motivator to take action. Good leaders develop the ability to always focus on key goals, analyze the task at hand as a whole and break it down into more manageable sub-parts and progress towards achieving the desired result. So passion, drive, motivation and the ability to stay focused on your goals are key elements of leadership in building a rich home business and creating multiple income streams.


“Leaders are not born, they are developed”


Desire is an essential quality of effective leadership but by itself, desire does not ensure that we live life by our design, win the money game or become rich but it is an important ingredient and a necessary step to move in that direction. If you want something bad enough you will get it because desire can be an unstoppable force. If you want to earn a six figure income, residual income or multiple streams of income, then an unstoppable desire to succeed is essential. A strong desire to succeed in building a rich home business eliminates any thought of ever giving up as an option. If you want something badly enough you will find a way or make one, to succeed, even if it requires a price or sacrifice. Once you have the will to succeed, you must be persistent in your actions. It is curious to note that because some people seem “born tired” and are naturally lazy, there is no self-reliance or perseverance. Your desire is the fire that heats you to perform, to excel. PT Barnum said in his book The Art of Money Getting, “If you hesitate, some brave hand will stretch out before you and get the prize”. Solomon’s proverb puts it succinctly this way: “A man whose hands are idle becomes poor, but the hands of the diligent make rich.” A simple practice that I have found useful in building my desire to consistently succeed in building a wealthy home business is what I will now share with you:

1) On a piece of paper or word pad write down all the reasons why you want to achieve your goal.

2) Start with the word “I” and list all the benefits you will receive if your goal is achieved. For example; “I am a successful businessman”. “I am building strong family relationships at home”. “I am a successful internet marketer”. “I provide for all my family needs.” The more clearly stated reasons you have, the stronger your will to succeed will be.

3) Practice reading your list of benefits every morning. This positive action triggers your subconscious to act as if you have already achieved your goals, as your subconscious mind does not distinguish between realities. This keeps your goal or wish list current and not something to get to later. This daily affirmation keeps you connected to your goals during the day, making you more motivated and inspired.


“Desire overcomes obstacles to success.

Desire makes a mole out of a mountain.

No matter what stands in the way, it’s worth moving.”


Maintaining a positive mental attitude is very important to achieving your goal of building a home business and getting the money you need to live the life you’ve always wanted. All the old saying is true, “so a man thinketh he is”. In other words, we do what we think. A positive attitude and optimism act like a magnet for success. Regardless of the situation, if you have a positive mindset, success will come automatically.


“We may not be able to control life’s obstacles,

But we can control our attitudes.”

Every goal requires some sacrifice. There are always things to sacrifice in order to achieve a certain desired result, and if you want to build a successful home business so you can have the wealth to enjoy the lifestyle you want, then don’t forget this fact. In business this sacrifice is called opportunity cost. The right attitude for success means having the right priorities. It is only the right attitude towards success that can allow you to live a lifestyle for yourself and your family as an aspiring entrepreneur, with a steady stream of residual income to do so.

So what kind of sacrifices have you had to make for your goals in the past? What kinds of sacrifices are you making (or struggling to make) with your current goals?

When it comes to sacrifice, only two things matter:

Is it worth it? With every goal, you need to know if what you stand to gain is worth the cost you have to give up.

Are you willing to do this? If you find that you are willing, you must mentally reinforce that decision every time you feel tempted to act in ways that adversely affect your goals.

Finding the right business for you

So far we have covered issues related to desire, attitude, and leadership. Now let’s see if we can find the right business for you. So you plan to retire at age 35 or 40 and you’re determined to start your own business, become your own boss so you can become financially independent, maybe a six-figure millionaire. Income But do you know which business to enter, which is right for you and do you have the necessary business management skill sets to succeed and build a home business?

Building a business from scratch usually involves several steps and some critical decisions, such as: 1) Should you go into business or not and take the plunge so to speak. 2) Business structure or model to adopt – sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company etc., 3) Type of business, or what type of company should I start. I am of the opinion that the most important decision is the type of business to start- brick and mortar, franchising and licensing, home-based, e-commerce, niche market websites or multi-level marketing (MLM). What makes it so important is the myriad of business opportunities available. Without proper research and guidance it is almost incredibly easy for aspiring entrepreneurs to fall prey to the mistake of investing in the wrong type of business. So it is important to choose a business model that suits your interests and your personality.


“Unless man enters upon the profession for which nature is intended,

and best suited to his particular talent,

He cannot succeed.”

There are thousands of business opportunities for our attention; A Google search will prove my case (over 4 million business opportunities advertised), so how can you tell which one is right for you? Each business model may have its own distinct structure and way of operating, however, some of the most commonly chosen models are:

1) Brick and mortar:

It refers to a regular general type of business that has a physical structure where all business activities are conducted with customers. This physical location is usually a separate location from your primary residence.

2) Home based:

It is the business model of choice for entrepreneurs who are looking for residual income and multiple streams of income because of the great amount of flexibility it allows them to shuttle back and forth between business and personal life. It is usually run from a small office space in your own home.

3) E-commerce:

The Internet is the most dynamic vehicle for growth for entrepreneurs who want to succeed by building a rich home business earning a six-figure income or simply diversifying their earning potential with residual income and multiple income streams. Some online business opportunities offer great opportunities for home based entrepreneurs, if they are willing to put in the work, to win the money game and create the income streams they need to live the life of their dreams.

4) Multi-Level Marketing (MLM):

MLM is a good residual income earner for entrepreneurs that involves selling and building a network. If you are high in the network triangle, the earning potential is good. The more people you have under your own network, the more money you make and the bigger your residual income stream over time.


Attraction Marketing is a guerrilla marketing strategy for all aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build a successful home business with a six figure income or steady stream of residual income. Attraction marketing is a very powerful way to optimize the profits of your home based business. It can be used to build any type of home based or small business using social media, internet marketing and direct response marketing principles.

Attraction marketing primarily involves creating and promoting you as an entrepreneur, not your business opportunity or network marketing company or program. You can personally brand and promote it to your potential clients using any social media available to you. This includes web sites, blogs, videos and social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and email marketing. By doing this, a home-based entrepreneur can attract like-minded people who resonate or relate to their story, their background, their hometown, their college or high school, and it helps build a list of contacts, which is the lifeblood of any online business.

The essential tools of attraction marketing are simple and include the following:

Lead capture page.

Basically a single page on your website offering potential customers free value products in exchange for their email address. This is the fastest way for you to build your list.

Auto responder

Auto responder services allow you to deliver a targeted email to your prospects inviting their patronage to sell your product. The advantage of this program is that it is done for you on autopilot.


“Attraction marketing is a simple philosophy that is very effective for home based entrepreneurs”

Many dream of starting their own business, but remain stuck with the status quo because they don’t know what business to engage in. Keeping your personal interests and expertise in mind is important when starting a business, so make sure to do this. The venture represents a solid entrepreneurial opportunity.

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