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Free SEO Tools With Their Analysis

Web masters and web site owners have been fighting for one simple thing for years: better rankings in search engine searches! The reason is simple and clearly understood. The better the ranking, the higher the traffic and popularity of the web site. The purpose of the site is fulfilled and the return on investment increases. The process of getting better rankings is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. There are various methods and tools of search engine optimization and with the advancement of technology, the tools are getting better and better in keeping with the strict requirements of popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. This article attempts to give a brief overview of various search engine optimization tools that are useful for web masters and search engine optimization companies. The overview will include a brief description of the tools and their advantages and disadvantages indicating their areas of development.

Tools related to keywords:

Keyword Analyzer: Goran Nagy and Chris Lee jointly developed this keyword research tool and with regular updates, this software has developed rapidly and performed well in the ever-changing landscape of the World Wide Web. Basically based on the Overture keyword research tool, it has the ability to analyze data extracted from WordTracker and Keyword Discovery. There are some advantages of keyword analyzer and they are:


o It has a wonderful digging tool.

o Ability to import Keyword Discovery and WordTracker data.

o Uses terms associated with Google.

o It is highly compatible with search engines.

o Right click add functionality.

o Bonus add-on tools are provided.


o Myinterface has an error. Clicking on the menu automatically creates a new tab.

o Unable to combine different keyword lists.

o Primarily uses overture data which is not 100% accurate

Keyword Analyzer is suitable for PPC Advertisers, AdSense Publishers, Niche Miners and to some extent SEO people.

McDar Keyword Analysis Tool:

McDar Keyword Analysis Tool has come to the forefront of search engine optimization as an entirely new breed of tool. It does not focus on pre-optimization analysis of keywords but actually focuses on post-optimization analysis of keywords. In other words, it analyzes keywords while the page is already optimized! And guess what? It can study the competition for a particular keyword!

After the onpage optimization of a page for a keyword or phrase is done and the optimized page is live and searched by Google spiders, you need to enter the following information into McDar.

Keyword Analysis Tool:

o Enter the URL of the page to be optimized in the McDar Keyword Analysis Tool.

o Enter the keyword based on analyzing the web page.

After the above two steps are completed, McDar Keyword Analysis Tool analyzes the following which can be considered. Professionals of equipment:

o Number of pages listed in Google.

o The total number of backlinks available to that page on Google.

o The total number of backlinks available to that page on Yahoo.

o Page rank using ‘allinanchor’ (keyword or phrase entered).

o General page ranking for a web page.

When analyzed, the results can be used for optimization based on informed decision making.


The major drawback of the tool is that the tool looks at a small set of SEO factors!

WordZe Tool:

Keywords and phrases remain as one of the most important factors for a website to be optimized and reach good rankings. WordZe tool helps you get the most influential keywords in the market. WordZe studies keywords and based on reports, data trends and variations of keywords, keyword performance is judged. WordZe’s design is refreshing and it offers a wide range of tools that are capable of delivering powerful and reliable keywords.


o WordZe has a very user friendly interface.

o WordZe provides reliable and powerful keyword data. The word category tool provides a unique data set.

o The performance of WordZe is very modern and smooth.

o WordZe monthly fee. The monthly membership fee is $35.


o WordZe has a great range of word category research tools. It is very restricted by nature.

Despite the restrictions, WordZe is one of the strongest tools on the market and users can be very satisfied with the overall performance.

Tools related to DOMAIN:

Domain Statistics Tool: As the name suggests, domain statistics tool helps web masters to get all the information about competitors’ web site domains. Statistical data extracted by domain statistics tool includes age of domains, Dmoz listings, Yahoo webrank, backlinks count, Alexa traffic rank, number of pages indexed by various search engines MSN, Yahoo, Google etc. These results are very hands-on. And help explain why certain competitors are doing well in search engine searches and what your web site needs to do to perform well!

Domain Age Tool: The age of a domain usually refers to two things. The age of the web site in question and the length of time the domain has been registered. It is really necessary to check the longevity and authenticity of the website as well. People will trust an old website more than a new one. The Domain Age Tool shows the estimated age of a web site on the World Wide Web. It allows you to see the early stages of a web site and you can optimize your web site accordingly.

The drawback is that it can only indicate that a competitor’s website is gaining an edge in search engine results due to the age of the domain. However this is good because you can come up with other strategies and SEO techniques to increase your page ranking.

Reciprocal Link Checker: Reciprocal Link Checker uses advanced techniques to check the status of links and generate reports in txt or html file. It is actually responsible for two things:

o Checking the popularity of the web site and

o Overall visibility of the web site.

The responsibility of the reciprocal link checker is to observe the backlink status and manage the inbound links of the web site. Reciprocal Link Checker automatically manages various reciprocal links on a web site and increases page rank.


o It is a powerful utility to boost the page rank of a web site.

o It monitors and checks the status of backlinks.

o It has highly interactive and user friendly graphical interface.

o It also increases link quality and its popularity.

o It is cost effective, reliable and fast.


o Reciprocal link checker can take a hit due to fraudulent clicks in case of pay-per-click activity and thus increase the cost!

Tools related to links:

Majestic SEO: Majestic SEO is one of the most advanced backlink analysis services and allows complete backlink reporting. The tool provides reports on:

o Domain Overview: Provides Top Anchor Report, Top Referring Domain Report and Top Page Reports.

o It provides a table that shows the domains linking to the site.

o It checks both www and non-www versions of links for any web site.

o Allows viewing of source flags for more specific reports.

o It provides export-to-CSV facility

There are many other features or benefits of the tool but mentioning all of them remains beyond the scope of this article.

There are also some disadvantages. They can be summarized as:

o There should be some ‘online sorting and filtering of data’ option. Although the data can be exported to Excel and sorted, online sorting helps and makes life easier.

o Some data appears to be out of date.

Keeping these disadvantages aside, Majestic SEO is a very useful and comprehensive tool that can be useful for web masters.

Link Harvester: The Link Harvester is one of the most innovative of its breed. It helps you take a deeper look at the results than any other tool. Another added advantage is that it works faster than any other tool. The tool allows Yahoo! API and hence, users don’t have to worry about violating search engine’s terms and conditions.


o Fast enough to detect every single site linking to a web page or domain.

o It detects the number of indexed pages.

o It detects the total number of home page links, inbound links and deep link ratio.

o It provides information about the C block IP address.

o It’s free and fast.

o This tool is known to provide links to WhoIs source and Wayback Machine next to every single domain.


o The tool lacks the facility to scrape pages to gather link text and this is because, any additional function slows down the tool.

o The tool uses only one engine for data linkage.

Apart from the cons, on average the device is one of the best in the class!

Hub Finder: Hub Finder is another free and useful tool for analyzing links for SEO purposes.

Hub Finder comes with the following features or benefits:

o It captures page ranking in Google or Yahoo.

o It allows highlighting every single authority in the results and allows viewing of (potential) links to hub pages.

o Allows CSV output of results.

o Users can set search depth.

o Allows comparison of backlinks on top ten ranking sites.

o Provides a list of the total number of hub pages in the total number of crawled sites.

o Finds the total number of topical HubPages instantly.

Hub Finder has an obvious disadvantage. Disadvantages:

o The existence of scraper web sites in certain regions can cluster the output of the hub searcher.

There are many other advantages and some disadvantages of Hub Finder but, taking you through each of them, would be beyond the scope of this article.

Search engine optimization is not a very small and easy thing. It takes a lot of effort to find a good rank in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Tools are available in the market. Some of them are free and some of them are commercial. The choice is up to you. Remember, it’s your site, it’s your investment!

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