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Restaurant Financial Management Issues

Restaurant owners, being aware of the financial management of their business, are more likely to be involved in solving day-to-day problems that keep things running smoothly. Unfortunately, a financial accountant is a luxury that many small restaurant owners cannot afford. This article will address six key accounting problems that restaurant owners often face and how to prevent them from happening or how to solve problems once they occur. Being a small business owner is always a challenge and the restaurant business is financially complicated.

This article will focus on those issues that can be resolved with some good accounting skills and procedural methods. By teaching restaurant owners how to spot financial problems before they arise, an accountant can help the owner improve or improve the financial techniques being used to manage profits and reduce any preventable losses. The six issues addressed here will focus on:

Problem one – Lack of accounting system

Problem two – when major operating expenses are higher than total sales

Problem Three – Menu Offers

Problem Four – Food and Beverage List

Problem Five – Problems arising when goods exceed sales

The problem is – using the balance sheet and profit and loss at the end of the month

By researching these issues, which are common problems for restaurant owners, it is possible to manage these problems and troubleshoot before the restaurant is financially out of control and can help the owner use accounting methods.

Problem one – Lack of accounting system

One of the first issues a restaurant owner should face when trying to avoid accounting problems is to invest in a good piece of computer software that helps keep track of all transactions. Nessel, who is an owner and financial advisor to restaurant owners, recommends QuickBooks for general accounting of all financial transactions in a restaurant. All financial transactions should be recorded in the general ledger for accurate record keeping. Without taking care of this, the owner will not be able to operate the restaurant without maintaining accountability in the account. Nessel adds, “My experience is that how well a business is being actively managed is directly related to how well the owner is managing his “books”. Therefore, establishing an accounting system is a primary concern for the owner. Business To ensure financial operations run smoothly. Not having accounting and financial controls in place is the number one reason most businesses fail and is the first problem to address if a restaurant is in trouble. The Complete Guide to Restaurant Operators QuickBooks, Yes. Setting Up a Good Accounting System Recommended by many accountants as a guide to help.

Problem two – when major operating expenses are higher than total sales

“Restaurant food and beverage purchases and labor costs (wages and employer-paid taxes and benefits) account for 62 to 68 cents of every dollar in restaurant sales,” the statistics say. These are referred to in accounting terms as the restaurant’s “prime costs” and are where many restaurants face their biggest problems. These costs are controllable unlike utilities and other fixed costs. The owner can control product purchasing and handling as well as menu selection and pricing. Other controllable production costs for a restaurant include hiring employees and scheduling employees in a financially efficient manner. “If a restaurant’s prime cost percentage exceeds 70%, a red flag is raised. Unless the restaurant can compensate for these high costs, for example, with a very favorable rent expense (for example, less than 4% of sales) it is very difficult. , And perhaps impossible, to be profitable.”

Rental expenses for a restaurant (if including taxes, insurance and other expenses that may fall into this category such as any association fees) are the highest expenses incurred by the restaurant after “prime costs”. Rent averages 6-7% of restaurant sales. Since it is in the category of fixed expenses, it can only be a lower ratio through the increase in sales. If the cost is greater than 8%, it is useful to divide the occupancy cost by 7% to figure out what level of sales is needed to keep the rent expense under control so that they do not put the restaurant out of business.

Problem Three – Menu Offers

Most of the offerings on the menu are priced by the owner after visiting other local restaurant competitors, looking at their offerings and menu prices. However, menu pricing should never be done by looking at their competitors’ menus. Menu pricing should be determined (and re-done from time to time as supplier costs fluctuate) and documented in the software books. Some math skills will come in handy as the menu converts product prices from purchases to recipe units. A restaurant owner needs to know the cost of making a recipe to know how to price it. This means knowing what ingredients and quantities of ingredients are used in the cost per recipe. Software is available to help with this and Microsoft Excel can be used to optimize menu costs while linking to available list items.

Some of the things an owner can do to help with accounting controlled through the menu include:

– Menu pricing for minimum wage increases.

– Using value-added food to increase profits.

– Re-introduce price increases while still keeping your customer base.

Menus should be updated periodically as supplier costs change. This can be positive or negative depending on the supplier. Either way, menu items can be adjusted according to supplier costs with some help from math and inventory tracking software.

Problem Four – Food and Beverage List

It is a common mistake for restaurant owners to review the profit and loss statement and assume that what they have spent on food can be divided by sales during that period to find the cost of goods sold. This is an error. Inventory at the beginning and end of the period must be known to accurately calculate food costs. “For a restaurant with $50,000/month in food sales, an inventory variance of $1000 between the beginning and end of the month can translate into a variance of 2%. This variance represents half of the gross annual profit of a typical full-service restaurant.” Simply put, if they If they do not keep a record of it, they cannot manage the cost of food. Changes in inventory need to be aware of while calculating profit and loss.

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can be used to track inventory and document pricing and know all inventory when it comes to food and beverages. Tracking this through Excel will prevent mistakes.

Problem Five – Problems arising when goods exceed sales

When food inventory is too high, costs will be too high and waste is inevitable. Calculating inventory needs is essential to prevent food from spoiling, over-participating in recipes, or from theft. “A typical full-service restaurant should have no more than 7 days of inventory on average.”

There is an equation to use to figure out how much inventory is needed to run a restaurant properly. The equation is:

Step 1) Multiply your average monthly food sales by your food cost %.

Step 2) Divide that number (your average monthly food intake) by 30 (days/month).

Using this formula and keeping a record of all beginning and ending inventory will reduce or eliminate the problem of losing money due to wasted food expenses.

Problem is – using balance sheet and profit and loss statement

For a restaurant to be successful it needs to be run as big a business as possible by the owner. At least one weekly report is required. The format of the report should be classified. Inventory, suppliers, labor and sales should all have start and end periods. Fixed expenses such as rent and electricity should be broken down to fit the report, whether weekly or daily. As the restaurant business changes rapidly, it is not advisable to wait until the end of the month to calculate the report.

It is a very important point that a start and end date should be included in the reporting and certain expenses should also be apportioned so that the weekly net profit can be calculated. As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Excel and other tracking software can be used for inventory and other costs, even scheduling, which affects profitability. Without proper tracking of inventory, surplus, scheduling, menu pricing, portions and everything else covered in this study, a restaurant can be under. A restaurant owner needs to take the initiative to put some simple accounting strategies in place. A restaurant owner may feel like they have to do it all; But, keeping a restaurant on track financially with some good software and a systematic method will create great financial rewards for the work.

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